Video: Nikki Haley on the NLRB's disgraceful Boeing decision

We’re fully three weeks removed from this insanity and I still can’t believe that The One’s NLRB would engage in strongarm tactics on behalf of his union bankrollers that are quite this shameless. For raw influence peddling and perverse economic incentives, it really might be the single most disgraceful moment of his presidency. There’s a smorgasbord of items on the right on this subject over the last two days that I recommend to you: Yesterday, Philip Klein and the Daily Caller covered Boeing’s Senate testimony and the angry reaction from Republicans, and today Rich Lowry weighed in on the persecution of Boeing while Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore described the union “Berlin wall” that labor’s trying to use the NLRB to construct. It’s a raw power play on behalf of the left’s money machine now that they’ve been defeated in Wisconsin. Haley’s state has a specific interest in it so she’s out in front of it here, but more top Republicans need to speak up. Loudly, and soon.

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