Now available: The Barack Obama/Navy SEAL action figure

Pull the string on its back and it says, “I don’t oppose all wars… What I oppose is a dumb war,” before ordering the bombing of Tripoli. (Joke, joke.)

Close-up pics of the doll, replete with the distinctive nose mole, are available at the HeroBuilders site. If the Democrats’ endless “gutsy call” messaging could be distilled into a single image, this is what that image would be.

Emil Vicale’s firm Hero Builders has made the ‘Rambama’ SEAL Team 6 action figure of a muscular President armed with an M1-A4 gun in honour of the news.

The $34.95 Rambo-style action figure of the 44th President already seems to have been a hit, as the Hero Builders website crashed for periods on Thursday.

‘What is so odd is that we made an action figure of him before he even became President, after he gave his speech in Chicago (in 2004),’ Mr Vicale told NewsFeed.

‘It never resonated with the public, so we think this is the one,’ he said. ‘It’s topical and political. He was the man in charge when we got Osama.’

They’ve got other dolls on sale too, including one of Palin. (Something for voodoo-practicing liberals?) On a more serious note, since I have to redeem this dopey post with some sort of news content, CBS is reporting tonight that the fabled SEAL helmet-cam video of Bin Laden raid does, in fact, exist:

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports the 40 minutes it took to kill bin Laden and scoop his archives into garbage bags were all recorded by tiny helmet cameras worn by each of the 25 SEALs…

The SEALs first saw bin Laden when he came out on the third floor landing. They fired, but missed. He retreated to his bedroom, and the first SEAL through the door grabbed bin Laden’s daughters and pulled them aside.

When the second SEAL entered, bin Laden’s wife rushed forward at him — or perhaps was pushed by bin Laden. The SEAL shoved her aside and shot bin Laden in the chest. A third seal shot him in the head.

Given the very real risk of Bin Laden pulling a gun and starting to fire as the SEALs approached him, it was fantastically heroic of the first SEAL to pull Bin Laden’s daughters out of the way. He could have been shot dead before he even glanced up. Frankly, it’s nearly miraculous that every American on the scene got out of there in one piece. Exit question: If the feds charged admission, say $10 a pop, to view the helmet-cam video, how much money could they raise? It would be more widely viewed than the Zapruder film.

Jazz Shaw May 16, 2022 12:41 PM ET