Video: Romney's message to NRA gets lukewarm reception

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse and Politico, a little weekend-starting fun for the Mitt-haters among the HA faithful to enjoy.

Mitt Romney’s pre-recorded video greeting for the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting received a lukewarm response here Friday, a reminder of his weakness on an issue important to the Republican base that at times dogged his 2008 campaign…

Unlike tea party favorite Michele Bachmann, who also sent a pre-recorded video message, his two-minute spiel was not interrupted by applause…

At this point in the last cycle—April 2007—Romney skipped the NRA’s meeting in St. Louis. His opponents faulted him then for purchasing a “lifetime” NRA membership only the previous August.

During that campaign clips emerged from his failed 1994 run for the U.S. Senate in which he had signaled support for the assault rifle ban and the Brady gun control measure.

Laugh now, because we all know that if he’s the nominee, we’ll go to war for him in the name of defeating Obama. Elsewhere at the convention, NRA chief Wayne LaPierre is set to publicly call for Eric Holder’s resignation tomorrow over the feds’ moronic gunwalking policy towards Mexico. And elsewhere in the 2012 field, Mitt’s nemesis appears to be tantalizingly close to a run…

The shape of the Republican presidential race depends on Mike Huckabee. The primary season will be one kind of contest with the former Arkansas governor in the race, and another without him. With Huckabee, the race would feature a favorite of social conservatives in a leading role in a campaign likely to focus on economic issues. Without him, a more economic-minded candidate might lead, with several other candidates vying for what would have been Huckabee’s social-conservative spot.

Which will it be? These days, among the people who have known and worked with Huckabee, there is a growing sense that he’s leaning toward another run for the White House.

I’ve read half a dozen pieces saying the same thing this week; there’s another one today at CNN quoting one of his top SC operatives as saying Huck’s telling people to keep their powder dry just a bit longer. Another sources close to Huck tells Politico, “He’s genuinely undecided but I think moving toward running.” Imagine it: Palin joins Barbour in sitting out the election but Daniels jumps in, joining Mitt and Pawlenty as rivals for the centrist-y vote. Huck sweeps to victory in Iowa, then capitalizes on the three-way split among the centrists to claim South Carolina before riding the momentum to a stunning upset in Florida. And then, before you know it, the race is over and we have our nominee. Can you feel it?