Video: Shep Smith happy to finally leave Birther "crazyland"

We’re not really leaving, though, and he knows it. The more evidence there is of Obama’s Hawaiian birth, the more evidence there is to be questioned, right? NRO’s already found enough attacks on the long-form birth certificate published this morning to warrant a whole new round of debunking. Judging from our own inbox, the most popular one has to do with the PDF of the document consisting of multiple “layers”; Nathan Goulding, National Review’s tech guy, shot that one down, but if Trump decides to double down tomorrow by questioning the authenticity of the new document, my guess is that’s the line of skepticism he’ll take. Good news for CNN, I guess: Just when they thought their birth-certificate series had been overtaken by the news, this’ll give them a whole new vein to tap.

Exit question: Any guesses as to which network spent the most time covering Birther claims lately? Hint: Not Fox News.