Obama jokes with Oprah: I remember being born in Hawaii

He should have laid on the sarcasm a bit thicker. Some people will take him seriously and soon this too will be part of Birther lore. “He said he remembers his birth. No one remembers their birth.

I’m mildly surprised that Obama or one of his surrogates hasn’t yet pointed out the endless ways in which Trump has strayed from conservative orthodoxy. They love to tweak Huntsman that way by touting his loyal diplomatic service to the administration, knowing that it’ll turn Republican voters against him. But then, electorally, that makes sense: They don’t want to face a candidate like Huntsman in the general but they’d loooove to face Trump, or at least they’d like to keep him alive long enough in the GOP primary for him to take out some more formidable contenders. So for the time being, you won’t hear The One mention that 54 percent of Trump’s political donations have gone to Democrats; that Trump approached David Axelrod last year with an offer to take the lead on the gulf oil spill in a Huntsman-esque bit of public service; or that Trump, for all his bluster about China, has no problem with farming out his clothing line to Chinese manufacturers. You might hear that later, if and when Trump himself becomes enough of a threat they need to start tearing him down, but why mess with him right now when he’s doing them a favor? Besides, Obama’s too much of an “adult” to get down in the mud, don’tcha know.