Blue on blue: Lawrence O'Donnell unloads on NBC for "creating a monster" in Trump

As characteristically hyperbolic as this is, give O’D some credit for having the courage of his convictions. Not only is he taking aim squarely at a sister company, he spends fully 15 minutes — more than a third of the programming time in an hour-long show — firing at them. His complaint is that NBC execs who oversee “The Apprentice” must know by now whether Trump’s re-upped for a new season; all they have to do to expose his “campaign” as a fraud is reveal that he’s agreed to come back next year and it’ll take the wind out of his political sails. Problem is, I’m not sure that’s true: There was a 14-month gap between the premieres of seasons seven and eight and a six-month gap between seasons nine and ten, so there might already be something in the contract about filming only when it’s convenient for Trump. No need to overthink it, though. This is a happy Birther-day present from Olby’s replacement to NBC management, so enjoy it on its own terms.

Speaking of which, at one point O’Donnell describes Trump as “the most deranged egomaniac in the history of the NBC entertainment division.” I wonder who the most deranged egomaniac in the history of the NBC news division would be. Any theories? Click the image to watch.

Update: Oh, also, he had Birther queen Orly Taitz on the show tonight. And then kicked her off.