Franklin Graham: Sure, I can see myself endorsing Trump

Via the Hill, Trump’s only half the story here. The other half is that Graham seems more enthused about him than he does about Palin, whom he traveled to Haiti with a few months ago. Quote: “[T]he more you listen to him [Trump], the more you say to yourself, you know, maybe this guy’s right.” Really? What is it that he’s right about? Using political connections to boot people out of their homes so that he can develop their property, or starting a trade war with China to show ’em who’s boss?

Some reporter needs to corner Gingrich at his next public appearance and really get him going on the Trump boomlet. For all the buzz lately about how the Donald is supposedly filling Palin’s niche, it’s Newt who shares the social-con liability with him of having multiple marriages and it’s Newt, more than any other major candidate, who’s attacked Obama as someone essentially foreign to America. After months of hearing how his personal foibles might pose an insuperable obstacle with the Christian base, I bet he’d have choice words for Billy Graham’s son suddenly giving Trump the green light after a month of Birther rhetoric.