Beck to Huckabee: You know, you might be too thin-skinned to run for president

Read the Blaze, which has a transcript of Huckabee’s remarks preceding this and Beck’s remarks preceding that, for the backstory. Briefly, Beck suggested that Huck might, perhaps, not be the ideal bulwark against progressivism, Huck took umbrage, the word “Nazi” somehow got involved, and … here we are, with Beck retorting with six and a half minutes on why “President Huckabee” won’t be a conservative dream come true. Business Insider wonders why Huck unloaded on him as a conspiracy theorist given how tame Beck’s initial remarks were and concludes that GB’s become the new GOP whipping boy in his post-Fox incarnation. That’s not it, I think. Presumably, the reason Huck’s eager to discredit him as a crank is that Beck, as a grassroots star who famously called on America to embrace God last year in D.C., might have outsized influence among the social-con base whom Huck is counting on if he jumps in. Having Beck casually dump on him day after day on the radio as some sort of progressive chewtoy in the making could do him real damage. Although in that case, why he’d choose to respond by throwing a roundhouse at GB instead of with a charm offensive, I don’t know. Very strange. Maybe he’s not running after all. Click the image to watch.