Video: Prosser declares victory over Kloppenburg

I was hoping he’d come to the podium in mirror shades or maybe a jaunty red-white-and-blue Uncle Sam top hat, but he was as low key as ever. The takeaway: Just this once, it’s time for Democrats to face reality.

“Admittedly the election was uncomfortably close,” Prosser said at a Capitol news conference. “My opponent ran a very effective campaign. But now that all 72 counties have completed their canvasses, the result of the election is not in doubt.”

Jim Troupis, an attorney for Prosser’s campaign, was even more blunt.

“We will take every and any step to prevent this frivolous matter going forward,” he said…

Melissa Mulliken, Kloppenburg’s campaign manger, said Troupis would have a “hard case to make” that a request for a recount was frivolous.

“State statute clearly contemplates recounts when the margin is less than one half of one percent, as it is in this case,” she said.

Kloppenburg has until Wednesday to decide on a recount. If she shocks the world and opts to pass, I guess we’ll have yet another gloat-astic victory post that evening, which would be our fifth or sixth by that point. I think. I’ve honestly lost count. Don’t get too excited, though: As of this afternoon, there are now three Republican state senators facing recall elections. If all three are removed and replaced, that would be enough to tip the senate back to the left, which would mean the end of Walker’s agenda.

Via the MacIver Institute, here’s a nifty video recap of this afternoon’s presser. If you want to bathe in the full glory of victory, you’ll find the complete 22-minute version right here. Exit quotation: “I presume this is my last campaign and that my fifteen minutes of celebrity will soon be over. Greta has stopped calling.”