Oh my: Palin's website suddenly looking campaign-ready

Looks good, and it’s clearly intended to make a statement coming so soon after her gangbusters Wisconsin speech. I’m especially intrigued by the “Request an Event” feature; neither Huckabee’s nor Romney’s website has a section like that. Politico speculates that it’s her way of better organizing her speaking invitations, but major institutions aren’t going to reach out via a web interface. I think it’s there to emphasize her connection to her grassroots supporters, suggesting that she’ll consider any request from someone who’s interested in hosting her, not just the big players who can contact her team through back channels. Or maybe it’s a sign (or red herring?) of her intentions: The site looks like a campaign site, but if she’s planning enough speaking engagements that she needs a “Request an Event” interface, then perhaps she’s not doing any campaigning after all. No one would blame her if she decided to pass. After all, who wants to face the fearsome Jon Huntsman juggernaut in South Carolina?

Via Rebel Pundit, here’s video of the left’s reaction to the new site. Exit question: Is this effectively the end of her Facebook posts? Looks like everything she writes will be republished at Sarah PAC anyway, and since there’s a prominent donation button right there, it makes sense to make that the exclusive site for her writing. (There’s a donation button at Facebook too, but it’s less prominent and only takes you to Sarah PAC anyway.)