Jon Meacham: Let's undo the Birther "horror" by repealing the natural-born citizen clause

In case you were wondering what the guy who used to edit Newsweek is up to these days, wonder no longer. I agree with him about the natural-born requirement, incidentally: It’s one of the most antiquated and unnecessary parts of the Constitution, especially in light of the original intent he describes. But … “horror”? Are the delicate flowers who populate PBS’s viewership so delicate that they recoil at the very idea of The One being asked to show his birth certificate? The beginning here sounds like a parody of bien-pensant liberalism — almost physical revulsion at what’s not only a minor thoughtcrime, but one rejected by all major Republican candidates except Trump (who isn’t really a major Republican candidate). Good lord, man. Get a hold of yourself.

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John Stossel 12:01 AM on June 09, 2023