TSA: Why, yes, patting down six-year-olds is indeed proper procedure

A follow-up to Monday’s palate cleanser dirtier, for all the Hot Air moms and dads out there left wondering whether frisking toddlers is SOP at the airport. Your answer:

The TSA said it has reviewed the tape and that the “officer followed proper current screening procedures.” They added they “are exploring additional ways to focus its resources and move beyond a one-sized-fits-all system.”

So there you go. I forget who on Twitter said it first, but we might now be at the point where kids need to be asked, “Show me on the doll where the TSA agent touched you.”

Here’s GMA’s interview this morning with the little girl’s parents, who report that she broke down in tears after the screening was over. I’m tempted to say that the obvious solution here is a simple blanket rule that all kids of a certain age or younger get to skip the whole scanning/patdown lollapalooza, no questions asked. The problem with that policy is that there are, unquestionably, subhumans who would happily exploit that loophole by using kids to carry their explosives for them onto planes. That is to say, it might actually encourage them to use children in bomb plots, which is as perverse an incentive as you can get. So what’s the answer? Force kids through the scanner but nothing further? Something else?

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