Audio: Are you ready for Huckabee/Trump 2012?

Silly fun from today’s Laura Ingraham show, the highlight of which is Huck’s recounting of a recent tete-a-tete between the two. Diplomatic, deferential, and an electoral asset on a national ticket: Clearly, the job profile of a vice presidential candidate screams “Donald Trump.” Although, in fairness, they do complement each other nicely. Deep south and NYC, blue collar and white collar, Christian and Mammon, governor and businessman. Huck’s only problem is figuring out how to convince Trump to be second on the ticket instead of at the top. Has the Donald ever been beta to another guy’s alpha? Maybe we should be thinking about Trump/Huckabee instead.

It looks like Haley Barbour’s a lock to get in, which means he’s also probably a lock for the Huckabee endorsement if Huck decides not to run. But I can’t help wondering… What if Barbour surprised everyone by staying out? Would Huck consider giving Trump a social-con seal of approval by endorsing him before Iowa — if only to boost DT’s numbers to the point where he might credibly threaten Romney in New Hampshire? Or would he target Mitt by backing Pawlenty, who’s a more serious threat for the nomination? Damn, this’ll be a fun campaign to blog.

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