Audio: Hey, remember when Debbie Wasserman-Schultz decided she was going to play civility cop?

You probably don’t remember. It happened a long time ago, in a different political era. By which, of course, I mean “January.” That was when her friend Gabby Giffords got shot and she and the rest of the left decided, with not a shred of justification, to treat it as a Teachable Moment about Republican incivility. As I say, you probably don’t remember. But Laura Ingraham does, just like she remembers The One lecturing us about scaring the elderly before Pelosi started prattling on about the coming senior apocalypse.

I know I said it once before today, but it bears repeating: Excellent job, Mr. President. Of all the shameless hacks in Washington whom you could have chosen for the DNC, you picked one whose shamelessness is truly exceptional. I can’t wait for the next lecture on how “we can agree without being disagreeable.”