Payback: Group says it has enough signatures to force recall election for Wisconsin fleebagger

A moral victory, if nothing else. And it really might be nothing else: This guy won reelection three years ago with 67 percent of the vote, so tossing him out in a recall election will be unlikely. But who knows? Without Obama at the top of the ticket for Democrats and with the locals (hopefully) irritated at the fleebaggers’ fleebaggy ways, 51/49 to remove isn’t impossible. At the very least, it’s a shot in the arm for Wisconsin conservatives on the eve of tomorrow’s supreme court election. If they can still make Democrats squirm, they’re not licked yet.

Dan Hunt, chairman of Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch, says his organization has “well over” the 13,537 signatures required to force Wirch into a recall election, though he said the group still has a goal to collect 18,000, in case some of the signatures are disqualified. He said it’s likely the signatures would be filed with the state Government Accountability Board next week.

“Let the voters of Senate District 22 decide whether Senator Wirch was justified when he left the Senate to flee to Illinois,” Hunt said in a statement, referring to a tactic used by Democratic state senators to stall a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill. After three weeks, Republicans stripped the bill of items that made a Democratic presence necessary, and passed it without Democratic votes.

The group seeking to recall Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) is the only one of 16 recall campaigns against eight Republican and eight Democratic state senators that has filed its signatures with the state.

Fun fact about Wirch: In 2004, the guy he defeated for the state senate seat was … Reince Priebus. As for tomorrow’s election, the results of which will certainly warrant a Hot Air cameo from either Humpbot or the melting bunny of despair, read John McCormack’s reality check at the Standard. A Democratic win doesn’t necessarily mean that Wisconsin’s turning blue again and that Scott Walker’s agenda will be bogged down in court forevermore, but … it probably means that. Via NRO’s Robert Costa, here’s David Prosser making the case for reelection at an event over the weekend. Exit quotation: “Sometimes I feel like David against the whole empire of the Wisconsin left, and the left from other parts of the country who are coming into this state to try to determine this race.”

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