Palin endorses Prosser in Wisconsin supreme court race

Good stuff. Normally I’d wonder about her jumping into a campaign in what’s basically a blue state (last November’s red wave notwithstanding), as the Palin-hate it’ll inspire on the left will only motivate them to turn out too. But Wisconsin liberals are already highly motivated; that’s the whole problem right now with Tuesday’s vote looming. They’ve been grooving on rage juice ever since the collective bargaining law passed — in all sorts of funny little ways — to the point where Prosser and Kloppenburg are basically even in the polls. Whether conservatives are feeling fat and contented that the CB law passed or merely in denial about the consequences of the supreme court’s majority flipping, I don’t know, but they desperately need a jolt of energy before Tuesday’s election — and no one’s more jolt-astic than Palin. I hope she’s prepared to re-issue this endorsement in a more visible forum than Twitter before the polls open, and ideally in more urgent terms. Cliched though it may be, turnout really will be the key here. Just like it’ll be key in the recall elections against Republican senators, one of which has already been triggered by Democrats collecting the necessary number of signatures to trigger it.

To show you how intense this campaign has become, a pair of ads via Politico and Big Government, respectively. On the second one, remember — one of the left’s lines of attack against Prosser is that, as a prosecutor, he was … soft on pedophiles. How do you rebut a charge like that? Watch and see. Like I said: Intense.