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“But more generally, I’m bummed because my Facebook wall, my Twitter etc. are at this moment a testament to how thoroughly Big Labor logic has won the battle for the hearts and minds, not just of liberals, but of ‘moderates’ too. To hear all the talk of the ‘rights’ — even ‘civil rights'(!) — that have been stripped from public sector workers in this bill by the ‘far right wing’ is to see Stockholm Syndrome on a massive scale. Call it Madison Syndrome — the completely irrational belief among a large segment of this republic that their interests lie with public sector unions, whose very existence is predicated on decreasing the efficiency with which government services are provided by maximizing labor costs. And who do this by capturing the same elected officials who sign their paychecks. I’ve been shocked by how little people understand about the status quo ante in Wisconsin, and about the nature of (compulsory!) collective bargaining in general…

“You’d think that Scott Walker and the state’s elected Republicans — men and women who have day jobs, and who I’m sure could do with fewer death threats in their lives — are heartless monsters.”

“While her general line of attack was ‘Chris Christie would have done it differently,’ Coulter cited polls showing Walker’s popularity dropping significantly since the union wars.

“‘If he were Chris Christie, he would be on TV every night,’ Coulter argued about Gov. Walker, ‘the lieutenant governor would be here every night– I don’t even know who the lieutenant governor is.’ Hannity tried to correct her by pointing out that the lieutenant governor had been a guest several times on Hannity, but he ‘wasn’t here last night,’ so that wasn’t good enough for her.”

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“Sarah Palin blasted national labor leaders in a Thursday interview with Sean Hannity, calling on ‘union bosses’ to ‘turn down the rhetoric’ in Wisconsin, where Republican legislators have repeatedly been threatened and harassed in recent weeks. ‘Union bosses are acting like thugs,’ she said. ‘They are leading some good union members down a road that could result in somebody getting hurt, if you believe the death threats.'”

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