Good news: Obama finally finds an issue he's willing to take the lead on

To cleanse the palate. He won’t lead on Libya, he won’t lead on entitlements, he won’t lead on a budget compromise, he wouldn’t even lead on writing the ObamaCare bill. But bullying? It’s president time.

A good question from Ace: What does this guy do, exactly?

On the stimulus, he let Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid write a trillion dollar waste of money; he offered them no guidance, he did not threaten to veto any pork spending. He just deferred. He did not lead; he delegated…

Having campaigned against the individual mandate, he left it in the hands of Harry Reid and his lawyers to write the bill; they included the mandate he had made a major stand in campaigning against. Once again, he deferred to others.

In the cases of uprisings in Iran and Libya, rather than show American leadership, he once again voted present and said little and did even less. He left a leadership void in world leadership now being filled, thankfully, by the British and the French.

All of these cases illustrate that Obama really isn’t bringing anything to the table. He is not contributing to the most important questions facing the country — he does not offer ideas, or support for particular plans. He lets other people do the deciding, and then he embraces whatever consensus others have created.

A Republican candidate for President should ask: For $400,000 per year in salary, what are we actually getting? Is he actually doing his job? Couldn’t anyone do what Obama has done? Put anyone in the office, someone unqualified and well over their heads, and they’d do the same thing, sit back, let other people handle it.

He’s being unfair. Could just anyone deliver a brief speech about how bullying is bad?

After you watch the clip, go watch this video of a little bullying in action. Exit question: Is notorious bully Sheila Jackson Lee really the best person to be sponsoring federal anti-bullying legislation? I know we’ve got money to spare for stuff like that, but still — Sheila Jackson Lee, anti-bully crusader?

Update: David Frum snarks, “Somebody tell Obama that Qaddafi is a bully.”

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022