The obligatory "Julianne Moore to play Palin in 'Game Change' movie" post

A fine actress, and famously versatile. But versatile enough, as a Democratic donor and an unabashed fan of The One, to play the most widely loathed Republican in liberal America?

What could go wrong?

Oscar nominee Julianne Moore has landed the starring role of Sarah Palin in HBO’s adaptation of the bestselling book Game Change.

Moore (Boogie Nights, Eagle Eye) will take the sure-to-be-buzzed-about role of the Alaska Governor and vice presidential nominee in the HBO film.

Look at it this way: Given that “Game Change” portrays Palin as a prima donna at war with her own campaign, wouldn’t you rather have a left-leaning actress in the role? If it’s going to be a hit job, let them own it. Why cast a conservative like Patrician Heaton when you know she’ll only end up having to play Palin as a shrieking doofus?

Over at Ricochet, Andrew Klavan wonders when we’ll get to see that Kennedys miniseries and the Path to 9/11 again. Exit question: Never mind casting Obama. Who’s going to play the real star of “Game Change,” i.e. John “Silky Pony” Edwards?

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