Finally: The Wisconsin "civility" highlight reel

Via the Daily Caller, alternate headline: “Mary Katharine Ham learning to curse like a sailor.”

Ace floats three possibilities for why the media wets itself over excesses at tea-party rallies yet finds excesses at progressive protests uninteresting. I subscribe to his second one, but increasingly I’ve come around to number three too — i.e. that these fraudulent, hypocritical talking points they push for a media cycle or two aren’t meant to be seen as anything other than talking points. They know they have an ideological bias and they know that an increasingly media-savvy public knows it too, so when they demagogue a horrible crime against a Democrat that had nothing to do with civility to try to make Republicans squirm, they’re just doing what left-leaning political actors do. It’s the most natural thing in the world, and because everyone now recognizes them as political actors, some of the ethical pressure on them to be “neutral” is relieved. The jig is up, so why not embrace it? By the same token, then, why would they highlight aberrant incidents of bad behavior by their own side in Wisconsin? Fox News and talk radio can cover that.

Here’s MKH’s quick take. There’s one unbleeped F-bomb (not uttered by her), so please observe your content warning.