Sherrod Brown: You know who else didn't like unions? Hitler and Stalin

Via Breitbart, I’m trying to decide if this is more or less stupid than the left’s 2008 historical talking point that Jesus/Obama was a community organizer whereas Pilate/Palin was a governor. (That one made it all the way to the House floor.) No worries, though: Brown clarifies by saying that he’s not comparing Scott Walker to those guys — although, as we know, some of his fellow travelers outside the state Capitol are — but rather noting that unions appear to be an integral component of freedom. Is that so? Hitler and Stalin went after them not because they were totalitarians eager to crush any collective that might undermine their power but because unions are the vanguard of liberty or whatever? In that case, how come none of America’s liberal heroes, including and especially FDR, decided that the public sector’s “vanguard of liberty” deserved collective bargaining rights until 1959? That’s an odd blind spot to have vis-a-vis an allegedly crucial check on autocracy.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel estimates the damage from the protests to the Reichstag — I mean, the Capitol — at $7.5 million, with most of it affecting the marble inside the building. I guess Walker will have to cut teachers’ salaries a little more to find the cash to cover it. Exit question: What are we to make of “22-caliber long rifle hollow points” being found outside the Capitol this morning? Those weren’t intended for “Hitler,” were they?

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