Bad news: Kathleen Parker leaving "Parker/Spitzer"

I’d love to offer some thoughts on why the pairing failed, but like almost everyone else, I’ve watched the show for 10 minutes total since it debuted. And yet, I feel a loss. If America’s most famous liberal-governor-turned-john can’t find television happiness with a Pulitzer-winning “conservative” squish, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The good news: There’s now a major RINO vacancy in primetime. Dude, this could be my moment.

Parker’s statement:

After bringing viewers a new 8pm show on CNN, I have decided to return to a schedule that will allow me to focus more on my syndicated newspaper column and other writings. While I am extremely proud of the show we created, and the subject matter and level of discourse Parker Spitzer promoted every night, it was a difficult decision to scale back my column a few months ago and, with the show going in a new direction, it is a good time to move on. I want to thank the viewers who have been so kind with their comments and support. I will continue to appear to contribute and analyze occasionally on CNN and look forward to continuing my relationship with CNN and the many talented individuals I have worked with here.

This is being framed as a resignation but CNN sources were grumbling about KP’s “weaknesses” practically since day one. In fact, Spitz was allegedly telling friends before the “resignation” that she’d be gone within the week. He’ll take over the show with a new title (“In the Arena”) and she’ll get CNN “contributor” status, but it’s hard to imagine either of them now without a foil. So let me throw an idea at you: “Parker/Olbermann.” Yes? Hmm? And if you like that, I’m ready to blow your mind with a new partner for Spitz. He’s colorful, he’s chock full of “insights,” and he’s suddenly got free time on his hands. Here you go. They’d do Super Bowl ratings whenever a prostitution scandal broke big in the news. Slublog’s even come up with the perfect name. How does “In the Octagon” grab you?

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022