Huckabee to Romney: Why can't you just admit that RomneyCare didn't work?

A bizarre clip. I think this is the wrong way for Romney to go — and I think Huckabee knows it’s the wrong way for him to go — simply because Romney can’t afford to admit to any further errors in judgment. He’s forever suspect because of his abortion reversal; if he cops to having screwed up on health care too, Republican voters will conclude that he’s too much of a risk for the Oval Office. Better to insist that RomneyCare’s a sounder program than advertised and leave uninformed conservatives to wonder. What’s bizarre about the clip is watching Mitt’s arch-nemesis not only (hypothetically) defend the RomneyCare experiment but do it darned effectively. It’s a case study, in fact, of how superior Huckabee is as a communicator to Romney. Not only does he seem sincere (giggle) in praising Mitt’s boldness for tinkering with universal health care, but I actually felt better about Romney after watching it. Good lord — the Mittheads should edit this for a campaign commercial!

Two clips here, the first on RomneyCare and the second a wide-ranging interview with Laura Ingraham from this morning. It’s long-ish, but at least listen to the middle part where he politely invites Chris Matthews to seek psychiatric help.

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