Video: Hezbollah starting to work with drug cartels in Mexico?

Oh, now, this can’t be true. Never mind that Hezbollah’s been working for years to establish a presence in the western hemisphere, or that a congressional report from a few years ago claimed that they’ve already tried to use the Mexican border to cross into America. And never mind the report that circulated last summer about a Hezbollah operative being arrested in Tijuana. If all that’s true then conservatives are right about weak borders being a national security risk, and they … simply can’t be right.

My military and Department of Homeland Security contacts are insistent…it’s not if Hezbollah operatives have been smuggled into the U.S….but how many? They note that drug tunnels are becoming much more sophisticated and striking similar as tunnels being used by terror organizations to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip. My contacts also say they have real concern that bombing techniques used in the Middle East to promote terror are now also being used inside Mexico, as the cartels war with each other and anyone in their way…

Meantime, over this past weekend President Calderon of Mexico sent a significant number of troops to the border regions and while they are there to help battle the cartels, they have also been sent to deal with the growing connection to Hezbollah. As one contact told me, “Mexico knows the seriousness of a cartel connection with Hezbollah and the threat to their national security.”

The Taliban’s been financing operations via the drug trade for years, and it makes sense that Hezbollah would be interested in a new steady source of income given the risk that their benefactors in Iran might be toppled. But as I say — can’t be true.