San Diego port supervisor: Sure, WMDs have been found inside the U.S.

Via JWF, a Valentine’s Day treat from me to you, my friends. Simply sit your beloved down in front of the screen and have them watch. When they slide off the chair and curl up in the fetal position in terror, that’s your chance to spoon. Aw.

I’m torn between thinking this simply must be true and thinking it can’t possibly be true. On the one hand, does anyone believe there hasn’t been a single attempt since 9/11 to either build a dirty bomb/crude chemical weapon here or to smuggle one into the U.S. from abroad? The material’s not terribly hard to come by; our old friends in Pakistan have more uranium on their hands these days than they know what to do with. On the other hand, how can it be that these WMD stings are happening and yet no one’s linked any details about them? Granted, the fear of starting a mass panic is a powerful deterrent, but no one’s talked to a newspaper about this? Even though the information is apparently sufficiently widely known that even this guy knows about it? C’mon.

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