Coulter at CPAC: If we don't run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee -- and he'll lose

An amazing clip considering Romney finished second, way ahead of the rest of the major GOP candidates (but behind predictable winner Ron Paul), in the CPAC straw poll. Plenty of grassroots righties would agree with the second part of Coulter’s statement (and some with the first part too), but for someone of her “true conservative” stature to drop it on a frontrunner at CPAC is shocking. And Mitt gets off relatively easy here, I think: Remember who it was who wrote the piece at Human Events in 2008 crowning Palin “conservative of the year”? Sarahcuda’s an afterthought in her formulation. Wow.

Around the same time that this was breaking on Twitter, Melissa Clouthier of Red State (who’s at the conference) claimed that Allen West answered a blogger’s question about GOProud by saying he’s for liberty for all Americans. We’ll have to wait for a direct quote to parse that further, but between him and Coulter, let me just say on behalf of myself and other RINOs everywhere: RINO-tastic! Click the image to watch.