Visual aid: How insignificant are those big GOP budget cuts we keep hearing about?

Via Ricochet, here’s a nice clip that I’m going to call “Why I Drink.” To get in the proper frame of mind for viewing, fetch yourself an alcoholic beverage and sip slowly while comparing the increase/decrease numbers in this new poll from Pew:

Not until we reach the last line do we find a plurality in favor of cutting spending, and even that’s exceeded by the combined number who want to keep humanitarian aid the same or even increase it. No wonder Obama thinks a spending freeze is good enough: The public quite clearly agrees with him.

As for tea partiers, yes, they’re more willing to cut than other demographics. But the last item here should send a chill down your spine:

Just 29 percent of tea partiers are prepared to cut Social Security compared to 18 percent who want to toss even more money into the entitlement sinkhole. GOP Rep. Tom Latham warned freshmen Republicans today that they might feel excited right now about winning the big budget battle with leadership, but wait until their constituents have to live with the cuts. Look at those two graphs again, especially the second one, and tell me if he isn’t right.

And now you’re ready for the clip. Remember, $100 billion — the GOP’s new “draconian” figure — represents just one shot glass. And even that’s enough to get Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer to wet their pants. We’re doomed.