Trump to Ron Paul fans at CPAC: C'mon, you know he can't get elected

Amusing and certainly true, but as a heckler helpfully reminded him, that’s an awfully big stone to be throwing from a house that glassy. Says a Paul advisor:

Joe Seehusen, Paul’s former deputy campaign manager, had one question for Trump: “What do you know about politics? I like Donald, but I think Donald gets carried away sometimes.” He added there “was s certain preposterousness” that Trump, who has never held public office, could criticize an 11-term congressman for not winning election.

Why is Trump even at CPAC, you ask? Because GOProud invited him, ostensibly to “help support the conference.” How it helps the conference to have a publicity whore show up to tout his vanity candidacy, I’m not sure. But give ’em credit for knowing their audience: Apparently, The Donald brought down the house. Click the image to watch.

Update: Rand Paul sticks up for dad.