Great news: Jerusalem now being invaded by UFOs or something

If you think the upheaval in Egypt is dangerous to regional stability, wait until E.T. lands on the Temple Mount and informs both sides that, no, in fact, this is his land and he’s here to claim it.

Three possibilities, my friends. One: It’s real! Two: It’s an Israeli superweapon! Could be — Israeli technological ingenuity is not to be underestimated — but, er, I’m guessing if they were going to test it, they wouldn’t do it directly above one of the most politically sensitive sites on the planet. Three: It’s a hoax! Indeed, there’s reason to believe that it is, notwithstanding the fact that we’ve got three separate clips showing this thing in action. You know what’s throwing me, though? Not the video but the audio in the first clip. The UFO itself looks like a low-rent F/X gimmick but the ambient noise and crowd chatter sound completely authentic. If someone went to the trouble of staging that to make the vid seem more realistic, good on ’em. They did a bang-up job.