Doctors on Giffords's progress: "We're wise to acknowledge miracles"

The perfect way to flush out a week’s worth of bad vibes. With every new hopeful prognosis, I feel excitement and happiness about her recovery yet nervous that there must, as a purely scientific matter, be some sort of bad news to come. Has there ever been a case of someone surviving a shot to the head, back to front, through and through, and recovering with only minor disabilities? I keep wanting them to say, “She’s going to be fine,” while knowing that they’ll never quite be able to say that, even if her rehabilitation proceeds on its current miraculous path. Her husband reportedly told the doctors, though, that “she’ll be walking in a few weeks, you’ll see.” Imagine.

If you missed it in Headlines earlier, Tapper has the explanation (echoed below by her doctors) for why Obama et al. said yesterday that she opened her eyes for the first time when the medical team had claimed she opened them a few days ago. Very simply: When she opened them for her doctors, it was because they were stimulating her eyes somehow to see if there was any reaction. When she opened them yesterday — just four days after being shot — it was willingly, in response to her friends’ voices. In other words, somehow, her mind is beginning to stir. Again, imagine.

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