Video: The sadly obligatory "punk Jets coach trips Dolphins player" clip

Not as embarrassing as the Woody Hayes meltdown, but embarrassing enough to warrant a little ritual public shaming. As a Jets fan, I wish I could say I was surprised. But…

“They’re cheaters,” outspoken linebacker Channing Crowder said. “They do what they do. They cheat. They talk junk. But we beat the hell out of them today. … I wish they’d tripped me. I’d have broken that old man’s leg. I didn’t see anything. He stuck his leg out and tripped him? He should be ashamed of himself. A grown man from the coaching staff? That’s high character.”

Running back Ricky Williams said: “It’s the Jets right? We’re not surprised.”

They’re awfully hard to root for, which is a tough thing for a J-E-T-S booster to admit in a year when they were once 9-2. In fact, that was the only saving grace of that utter humiliation in New England a few weeks ago. If you’re going to get destroyed on national television after weeks of “game of the year” hype by your most bitter divisional rival, at least be unlikable enough that I don’t much care when it happens. Mission accomplished!

Two clips for you, the first of the tripping and the second of conditioning coach Sal Alosi explaining that his act “does not reflect what this organization stands for.” Really? And speaking of punk (former) Jets, if you want to use this thread to comment on the latest big news in the endless and endlessly tedious soap opera that is Brett Favre’s career, feel free. Click the first image to watch.