Video: New RINO-in-chief crowned

I missed last night’s episode of Palin’s show but my morbid curiosity was piqued when Twitter lit up with exclamations about Kate Gosselin’s unbelievable jackassery. So today I searched high and low for video of her throwing a tantrum, all for naught — until just an hour or so ago, when Us magazine finally delivered the goods. The idea here, I assume, was that it’d be good cross-promotion for TLC if Palin could turn Mama Gosselin into a mama grizzly. Which makes sense, unless you’ve seen even five minutes of any episode of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.” Then you’d know instantly that this outing could only have turned out exactly this way.

It’s the camping equivalent of playing a game of pick-up hoops with the president and, er, elbowing him in the face.

Then the trouble started. Or as Sarah’s father said later of Kate, “She bitched from the moment she got off the plane.” The morning of the camp-out, it began to rain. “I’ve never camped for real,” said Kate, gazing at the damp camp site that had been chosen. “You really like this?” she asked Palin. Sarah maintained high spirits in direct proportion to Kate’s plummeting spirits. “We’ll stoke the fire and stoke some fun!” Palin crowed, bustling around with Piper, daughter Willow, and many of the Gosselin children gathering sticks and chunks of wood…

“I’m worried about my toes; they’re freezing,” she said.

“I’ve been bitten [by bugs] about 200 times — it’s horrible,” she moaned.

“I’m miserable, but somebody‘s gotta be,” she said nonsensically.

“This is cruel and unusual punishment,” she whined.

When Palin and her daughters helped all the little Gosselins make s’mores over the camp fire, Kate declined to join them. Instead, seeing some gooey marshmallow land on a few sleeves, she went into a temper-tantrum fury.

The Palins would have been fine had this happened pre-divorce, when Jon would have been there to receive Kate’s whiny, emasculating fury. As it is, a question lingers in the air: Why would they agree to hang out with basic cable’s most irritating mom? Contractual obligation? Some sort of mama grizzly/media target kinship? Political inroads with the female demographic that watches Kate’s show? The Gosselins are regarded as the epitome of child-exploitation TV, so at best you’re getting a mixed bag there.

Two clips, one of the tantrum, the other of Palin giving Kate “the look.” Comedy gold. Exit question: Should Gosselin be invited to speak at RINOcon? Her antagonism to the Palins qualifies her instantly!