Cavuto to Chris Matthews: Cram your remarks about Chris Christie’s weight up your tingly you-know-what

I’m not paraphrasing; watch to the end and you’ll see that he really does go there. All for this?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews gladly played the GOP 2012 guessing game at Thursday’s Q&A Cafe at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton, suggesting two popular Republicans might want to trim their waistlines before jumping into the presidential race.

“Chris Christie is moon over New Jersey, he should not wear white shirts, I tell you that,” Matthews said. “I saw him the other day and I was amazed by it, he must be 300 plus, and that’s something he’s just gotta deal with because you’re not going to say, ‘I’m going to cut the budget,’ well, how about starting with supper?”

That’s the sort of received wisdom that’s popular with political analysts but I wonder how true it is anymore. The cookie-cutter image of the tall, fit, white, male president has been shattered, not just because of Obama but because his chief rivals for the presidency in both parties are women. If the public’s ready to accept a black president and a woman president, I think they’re ready for a husky one — especially when he has a reputation for trimming budgetary, er, fat.

I’m not sure how I feel about the “racism with a scale” concept, though. But the crack about Matthews using hair dye? Magnifique.