Video: Bernie Sanders going to talk until this country turns socialist, damn it

Believe it or not, he’s now into his sixth hour of ranting about the tax cuts deal on the Senate floor. It’s like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” if Mr. Smith was (a) a communist and (b) played by Abe Vigoda. Just one problem: There’s actually no business in the Senate scheduled for today, so he’s not really preventing anything from happening. (Or is he?) He’s just yakking away, giving progressives the one thing they cherish above all others — futile yet romantic defiance of the establishment in service to the Cause. If he talks until he faints, he’ll be the guest of honor at Netroots Nation next year. Even if the tax bill passes 99-1.

You’ll be pleased to know that, in his frantic search for subject matter to keep him going, he’s already somehow detoured into chatting about Arianna Huffington. If that’s where he’s at in hour six, lord only knows where he’ll be in hour twelve. Reading aloud from “Jersey Shore” transcripts, probably. Click the image to watch.