Hmmmm: Minneapolis airport considering private screeners instead of TSA?

Don’t get too excited — it’s just one line in a news report about the backlash to TSA’s grip-and-grin policy. But even that bare spark of hope has privatization aficionados passing the link around on Twitter.

One thing I don’t get, though: What will private screeners do that TSA won’t? Tragically, Ace is right. Any attempts at El-Al-type passenger scrutiny in Minneapolis will be quickly sued out of existence until they reach a comfortably inoffensive and ineffective alternative. The good news? Maybe they’ll abandon the groping. The bad news? You won’t be any safer than you are with TSA. Oh well.

You’ll be pleased to know, at least, that there’ll be no religious exemptions from TSA patdowns, thus avoiding an absurd scenario in which the only people whose junk gets touched are those you can pretty safely rule out as terrorists in the first place. Click the image to watch.