Wonderful: Geraldo now keeping an open mind about 9/11 truth

In case you missed it, here’s what Fox News was cooking up for viewers in primetime on Saturday night. The Screw Loose Change guys, who’ve spent years debunking Truther insanity, watched it and declared that Al Capone’s vault is now a highlight of Geraldo’s career by comparison.

If you’re curious about the physics of WTC7’s collapse, I recommend this brief but insightful 2007 analysis from Structure Magazine or Popular Mechanics’s piece on the NIST report released in 2008. If you’re not curious about the physics and would rather think critically about the alleged conspiracy, here’s a fun place to start: Why, oh why, oh why would the nefarious neocon junta that’s supposedly responsible for the 9/11 attacks have bothered with Building 7 in the first place? Never mind the huge number of government operatives they would have needed to plant explosives in the various buildings damaged or destroyed that day, or the fact that somehow not a single one of them has leaked anything about the plot more than nine years later despite that information being worth untold millions. Just ask yourself: If they were going to bring down the Towers as a pretext for war in the Middle East, why the hell would they have brought down Building 7 too? The structure’s collapse adds nothing to the already severe trauma of the day, and taking the time and effort to plant explosives would only increase the odds of detection. It would have been a wholly needless risk. And if, for whatever insane reason, the goal was to take down the Towers plus some other random building, why was Building Seven chosen instead of the far more iconic World Financial Center right next door?

These are the sort of questions that would occur to a perceptive fourth-grader, yet somehow they go unasked on this otherwise tough-minded investigative show. Go figure.