Video: Indonesian Muslim minister bummed that he had to shake First Lady's hand

A fantastic moment, really, as not only is this fanatic tool put on the spot in full view of dozens of cameras, but the fact that he’s smiling all the while shows that even he doesn’t believe his own B.S. His claim afterwards was that Michelle Obama surprised him by offering her hand to shake. Really? Watch for yourself and see. He looks so happy to be getting a picture with her and The One that I think he’d have grabbed at her arm if she walked past.

Tifatul Sembiring, the country’s information minister, flaunts his conservatism, and as a Muslim he claims to avoid touching women who aren’t related to him…

Sembiring sought to deflect criticism by claiming that Tuesday’s skin-to-skin contact was all Michelle Obama’s fault.

‘I tried to prevent [being touched] with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far toward me [so] we touched,’ Sembiring tweeted.

“Touched”? He went in for the double-hand grip. Even he obviously doesn’t believe his own faith’s nonsense about feminine uncleanliness. Maybe this is what FLOTUS should be doing with her time instead of tending to the vegetable garden or lounging on the beach in Spain or whatever. Send her on a tour of Islamic countries; when she steps off the plane to meet the head of state waiting for her, biiiiiiig hug.

I can’t bail out of this post without giving you guys a chance to needle the Obamas for something, so here you go. Your exit question via Weasel Zippers: Isn’t there anyone in the family capable of limiting the amount they spend?

Jazz Shaw May 16, 2022 12:41 PM ET