Glenn Beck: Remember when Olbermann said that he doesn't vote lest he appear partial?

I feel guilty about kinda sorta defending Olby earlier, so here’s my bid to atone. One footnote to the previous post: He’s not the only cable news host to drop a little coin on political candidates now and then. Hannity and Huckabee have also done fundraising and/or donated, although as Howard Kurtz notes, Fox News wisely distinguishes between its commentator crew and its journalist crew on that score. But then, that’s the point of Beck’s bit: If you’re going to rant against the other team every night, own it. Please, no more Murrow-esque professions of avoiding the voting booth in the name of objectivity when you’re on the air five hours a week screeching about wingnut fascists and the racist dystopia they’re about to impose on America. A little honesty goes a long way. Click the image to watch.