Kendrick Meek: Crist offered me his sister’s cross to get me to drop out

I think this is going to be my last Crist post of the year, guys. I can’t deal with it anymore. Even a devout cynic can only take so much.

Mr. Crist, the Florida governor, had called Mr. Meek, a Miami congressman, earlier that morning, about 4:50 a.m., leaving a voice mail asking if they could meet up at the AIPAC gathering. “I’ll call you later this morning and see if we can work out a time to get together just you and me,” Mr. Crist said in the voice mail, which was played for Washington Wire by Mr. Meek. “Take care, buddy.”

Mr. Meek was scheduled to speak at AIPAC about 8:30 and Mr. Crist at 10, but the governor showed up an hour early in hopes of catching the congressman.

Mr. Meek said he tried to avoid Mr. Crist, but as he left the stage, “there he was, right in front of me.”

“He said, ‘If you were to drop out and work with me and help me we together can beat Marco Rubio,’” Mr. Meek recalled. “I said, ‘Governor, that’s a non-starter.’

“Then he dug down into his pocket and pulled a small cross out,” Mr. Meek continued. “He said his sister gave it to him and he wanted to give it to me so I would think about it.”

Because, you see, Jesus wants Charlie Crist in the Senate. Meek claims he was shocked: “I told him to keep the cross and that I carry my Christianity in my heart.” Which is a noble reply, but alas, my friends, nobility doesn’t always carry the day. According to a new story just published by the NYT, some of Meek’s black supporters are already starting to defect to Crist thanks in part to Bill Clinton’s involvement in all this. Which, of course, is precisely why that story was leaked to Politico yesterday in the first place.

Update: I wonder if this incident helps explain why Meek changed his mind about dropping out. Maybe he’s now so creeped out by Crist that he figures, whatever it may mean for Rubio, he’s got to stay in and deny this guy as many votes as possible. I don’t blame him a bit.