Bill Maher: These dumb dog-like hillbilly voters certainly are stupid

Via the ‘Busters, I don’t care about this any more than you do but (a) we could use a mindless palate cleanser; (b) I promised you yesterday that there’d be entertaining lefty tantrums galore all this week, so now I’m obliged to flag outbursts like this; and (c) in case you’ve been wondering how the sophisticates in international media have been covering the tea party, Maher’s harangue serves as a useful pithy encapsulation of their narrative.

As for his point about ObamaCare having allegedly sent Obama’s approval rating skyrocketing 15 points, you can fact-check him yourself via the trend lines in the poll of polls. Your guess as to where he got his information is as good as mine. Exit question: In fairness to Maher, isn’t this shpiel basically the same thing that the Democrats have been saying for the past two months? I ask you.