New MSNBC talking point: This Rand Paul incident is reminiscent of 1930s Germany

Can I quote myself here? From the Behar post published this afternoon:

We are, after all, now seven short days away from Election Day, which means Refudiation Week has officially begun. And needless to say, as the reality of the wave crashes in, I suspect we’re going to see some mighty interesting coping mechanisms playing out among among liberals. Pelosi’s already entered some sort of Queeg-ian fugue state of denial, and last night on Twitter Olbermann was promising a 20-minute mega-special comment rant tomorrow about the tea party. By the end of the week I expect Bob Beckel to be weeping openly on-air and near-hourly references to 1933 Germany on MSNBC.

That was posted at 4:27 p.m.; the Matthews clip below comes from the 5 p.m. hour and the Schultz clip below that comes an hour after that, with no doubt plenty more in store tonight from Olby and Maddow. That’s how easy it now is to predict MSNBC spin. And as I said earlier, if you think this is rock bottom in terms of liberal desperation this week, just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Schultz’s clip is actually worth watching in full at MSNBC’s site thanks to his frantic demands to know where the liberal violence against conservatives is. You mean, aside from the incident at the same Rand Paul rally last night, Ed? Or aside from the beating dropped on Kenneth Gladney? I know, I know: He’s a black tea partier so he doesn’t count.