Leftist dullards mock Palin for correctly referencing Boston Tea Party

Yesterday, at a Tea Party Express event in Nevada, she warned the crowd not to get overconfident, telling them they won’t be able to “party like it’s 1773” until a bunch of tea-party candidates are safely elected. Lefty insta-meme: Idiot Sarah Palin doesn’t know that the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776! Because, after all, nothing happened in 1773 that could possibly be worth referencing at a tea-party rally, right?

Cuffy Meigs at Perfunction did the hard work of sifting through tweets from left-wing imbeciles, so I’m going to force you to click over there for his full round-up. I do want to steal this one, though:

That’s from Gwen Ifill, respected PBS fixture and — remember? — moderator of the Palin/Biden VP debate back in 2008, a job she landed right around the time she was working on her book about the glory of Hopenchange. You sure showed her, Gwen.

Via Hot Air alum Bryan Preston, here’s video of Palin at yesterday’s event standing in front of all sorts of signs referencing tea parties. Get it? 1773, tea party. Right? Exit question: I realize that the thought of protesting against taxes is anathema to lefties, but has their memory of the Boston Tea Party really faded that far? Good lord.

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