Maryland governor: Illegal immigrants are really just "new Americans"

To cleanse the palate, the brain-dead left-wing twist on “a stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met yet.” When I first read about this, I thought maybe O’Malley had had a slip of the tongue and meant to say something else. Nope: He’s into this dumb Orwellian terminology a good dozen times or so in the span of about 60 seconds before Ehrlich lets him have it. You’d think, with Arizona’s law as popular nationally as it is, that Democratic pols would at least want to watch their rhetoric when shilling for amnesty. Not so with O’Malley, but give him credit for knowing what his state’s voters want to hear. At last check, he’s up by eight points in this race, a rare bright spot for the left when they’re looking at a wipeout at the state level next month too. Imagine the sort of landslides he’ll be winning when Congress finally turns those “new Americans” into new Americans for real. Click the image to watch.