Glenn Beck: Punish Obama for his smears by donating to the Chamber of Commerce; Update: Biggest donation day ever

A fine idea, backed by his pledge of ten grand for the cause. I’m happy to help promote it — here’s the donation link — but given the wave of money rushing into Rove’s group since The One started demagoging them, my hunch is that a lot of righties are way ahead of the curve on this. Just one caveat: Can we have the Chamber itself pledge to stop donating to Democrats until they get an apology from the White House for the “foreign money” garbage? Beck touts their bipartisan cred near the end, and yes, that’s normally a good thing for a lobby, but not when it’s being demonized daily by every prominent Democrat in a thousand-mile radius. Time to draw the line. Want money, Blue Dogs? Then stand up to the smears.

Before you watch the clip, tell me who it was that dropped this bomb on Obama today:

I must say this has been a tough week for those of us who personally admire President Obama and his advisers…

Obama’s line of attack is also bad for his re-election prospects and the future of the Democratic party as a whole. The main reason the Democrats are in trouble is not the Tea Party movements. It is because independents have abandoned the Democrats. The polls clearly indicate indies think the party is too liberal and too hostile to business. So why does Obama take every conceivable opportunity to go to war with business?…

My point is that there are big and small business in towns across America. There are people who work in the private sector everywhere. Why is there always so much hostility to these people?

All in all, they’re making a big mistake here.

The answer may surprise you! Click the image to watch.

Update: See the last video here. Mission already accomplished!