New House Dem ad: Don't compare me to that damned dirty hippie Nancy Pelosi

Comedy gold via Ben Smith from Georgia Democrat Jim Marshall, who reminds us that the cultural currency of Haight-Ashbury flower children circa 1967 is evergreen. Dig those trippy hand gestures, maaaaan. Marshall was a yes on TARP and a yes on the stimulus but an ass-saving no on ObamaCare, which means he fails to qualify as one of those “courageous” House Democrats who were dumb enough to back The One on pushing his agenda. A toast to the condemned:

“There are a lot of folks who took some really tough votes over the last 20 months knowing that it was bad for them politically, who voted for health care reform even though the polls said this would cause them problems in the next election, who voted for financial regulatory reform even though they knew that by supporting it it would impact big money pouring in and directing negative ads towards them,” the president said during a webcast town hall from The George Washington University. “And they did it anyway. And that was risky for them.”

The president highlighted some of those members who cast votes that could put their congressional careers at risk.

‘There have been a surprising number of folks who have been willing to stand up,” Obama said mentioning specifically by name Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Ala., Rep. John Boccieri, D-Ohio, Betsy Markey, D-Colo. “There have just been some folks who really stood up knowing that the might be putting their congressional careers at risk. And that’s been a pleasant surprise.”

It’s kind of him to remind voters in their districts what loyal little handmaidens for Hopenchange Perriello et al. have been. No good deed goes unpunished, eh? Meanwhile, the punchline: Marshall’s no vote on ObamaCare probably isn’t going to save him after all. Nate Silver gives him less than a 40 percent chance of holding the seat based on recent polling.

Serious question: Have Republican ads bashed Pelosi as much over the past month as Blue Dog ones have? The “Wizard of Oz” parody directed by Ladd Ehlinger doesn’t really count because that was a spot for Madam Speaker’s actual opponent. I’m talking nationally. Someone needs to crunch the numbers.

Update: See what I mean?