CNN's primetime ratings last night: The lowest in 10 years

Annnnnd the deathwatch for “Parker Spitzer” is officially on.

Monday night was the lowest weekday prime time rating average in more than 10 years, since June 28, 2000. And it wasn’t just the 8pmET that was seeing low ratings.

Larry King had even lower ratings tha Parker Spitzer, with just 196,000 total viewers. That’s less than Rachel Maddow’s A25-54 demo average in the same hour.

Follow the link and gaze upon the numbers — not the overall viewership, actually, but rather the 25-54 demographic. “Parker Spitzer” is lower than every show in every time slot on every major cable news network (Headline News included) with the sole exception of “Larry King Live.” How is that possible? More young-ish adults would rather watch Nancy Grace blather about the latest missing girl than watch romcom banter between Kathleen Parker and Client Number Nine? He’s an amoral New York liberal, she’s a RINO southern belle. Put them together to talk about financial regulation and watch the sparks fly!

It gets worse, actually: Last week the show was down 24 percent in total viewers from this same time last year, when Campbell Brown was already on her own deathwatch from trailing O’Reilly and Olbermann night after night. CNN had either better turn sharply partisan or they’d better get younger and soon. Maybe it’s time to think the unthinkable and try to steal Jon Stewart away from Comedy Central? A jokey show at 8 p.m. on a serious news network would be unprecedented, but it’d make them instantly relevant again and would deliver millions of younger viewers they have no shot at now. They’ve got nothing to lose.

I don’t want to get you too ramped up for tonight’s PS, but here’s a little sneak preview. Let’s call this a “very special episode.”