Harry Reid: Voters are blaming me because they're selfish little children or something

This ought to finish things off.

Extending his sense of empathy into perhaps dangerous territory, he tells a local newspaper how his mother struggled to afford Christmas presents. He says the experience helps him understand why people might blame him for their economic plight. “I wanted to get some presents on Christmas morning,” he told reporters and editors at the Reno Gazette-Journal. “I was a very selfish little boy, and I was upset that my mother had to go through all this. Whose fault is this? And that’s what people are going through. I didn’t know who to blame but I wanted to blame somebody.”

He’s working hard — for you — and yet all you juvenile little ingrates can do is whine that there are no jobs under your Christmas tree. Don’t you think Daddy wishes he could put some there? He spent $787 billion (from your piggy bank) to try, didn’t he?

If that hasn’t endeared him to you, let’s try this:

When asked why he hadn’t been campaigning more, Reid said: “I’ve been running the country.”…

His demeanor made it hard to tell whether he was being aggressive or defensive when he justified the millions he’d brought to Nevada by holding up a copy of the Constitution he carries with him every day. “It is part of my constitutional duties to do congressionally directed spending,” he said, holding the maroon volume given to him and signed by former Sen. Robert Byrd. “I am vigorous in going forward with congressionally directed spending and I fight for it.”

“Congressionally directed spending” is, of course, his polite term for earmarks. Apparently the Constitution now requires federal legislators to try to buy elections by pushing pork to influential special interests that will deliver votes. Frankly, by the going standards of leftist constitutional interpretation, that one’s actually pretty demure.

Here’s Angle’s new attack ad, which had me busting out in laughter even though (or because?) it’s unfair. Remember all the way back in March, when Democrats were using reconciliation to try to push ObamaCare through the Senate? One of the rules of reconciliation is that nothing new can be added to the bill, which meant that Democrats would be required to vote no on anything the GOP offered. Tom Coburn’s hilarious proposal was an amendment calling for a ban on Viagra for sex offenders — which Reid and the rest of the gang duly voted no on. It’s not that he’s in favor of hooking sex offenders up with aphrodisiacs, in other words, it’s that he simply wouldn’t/couldn’t support a ban at the time because it would mess up their shady, arcane ObamaCare procedural scheme. Oh well. Exit quotation: “Reid’s people are really antsy.”