Allen West to Obama: I’ll debate you, my opponent, and your whole families

He doesn’t explicitly mention the families, but trust me. It’s clearly implied.

I looked around for an independent poll on this race but, to my amazement, couldn’t find any. It’s all internals thus far. In lieu of that, kindly enjoy this early report of Democratic triage undertaken by the DCCC as they face the agonizing financial choice of which incumbents to pull the plug on. Among the early casualties are Chet Edwards and Suzanne Kosmas. Meanwhile, Hotline’s Josh Kraushaar marvels that fully 66 House Democrats are currently under 50 percent in their races, virtually guaranteeing dozens of losses next month. To make sure it happens, the NRCC just took out a loan of $6.5 million to ramp up ad spending in seven new districts they’re targeting; in Mike Pence’s words, “It’s fourth and goal, and we’re going for it.”

Oh, one more thing: For the first time tonight, RCP’s poll survey predicts that the Senate next year will be … 50/50, and that’s assuming that Washington — where Dino Rossi is neck and neck with Patty Murray — will stay Democratic. Wave-tastic.