Bob Woodward: An Obama/Clinton ticket in 2012 is "on the table"

If the economy’s as flat next winter as it is now, isn’t it a damn near certainty? Obama’s approval rating will be deep in the toilet and Republican candidates will be energized to take on a weak incumbent. His only option will be to jolt the electorate and convince them that term two would be different from term one by welcoming the Clintons aboard. Electing the first woman VP — and anointing her as the likely nominee in 2016 — would help bring home women voters who’d grown tired of Hopenchange and would give Hillary Democrats a reason to turn out. And as much of a headache as it’d be to have Bill around the White House again, his high favorable ratings could only help Obama. Besides, Hillary’s proved herself to be a team player thus far; if Obama had any worries about her backbiting behind the scenes when he named her Secretary of State, they’re surely assuaged to some extent now.

Basically, in order to believe that The One wouldn’t do this to save his political skin, you need to believe that he’s serious when he insists he’d rather be a good one-term president than a mediocre two-termer. Does anyone seriously believe that? Anyone think he’d pass up a shot at another four years because he’s unwilling to compromise on the magic that is Vice President Joe Biden? Exit question: Which hard-left Democrat recently said, “I assume that Obama will get a second term in office”? Answer here!