Funny: Chicago commuters not real excited to meet Rahm

I wonder if this reaction was typical or just a slow couple of minutes mischievously clipped and showcased by the local Fox affiliate. Either way, it’s all part of a most inauspicious debut for the big “Rahm’s thinking today that he’d like to be mayor” campaign. Elsewhere, more election experts are warning that he doesn’t satisfy the residency requirements to run in Chicago while Ben Smith notes that his first campaign video — replete with references to being born “here” and raising his children “here” — was actually filmed in David Axelrod’s office … in D.C. The more I read about him, the more I’m reminded of Caroline Kennedy’s halting bid for senator in New York. It’s not a perfect analogy, needless to say: Princess hadn’t done anything in politics before whereas Rahm’s been waving icepicks and leaving dead fish on people’s doorsteps for Democrats for decades. But in both cases you’ve got a celebrity candidate whose chief argument for the seat in question is dynastic entitlement (Camelot, Hopenchange). Their policy platforms are pure afterthoughts, window dressing for personal ambition. I’m mighty curious to see how Chicagoans react to that type of hubris after being ruled by the Daley boys for 42 of the past 55 years. Time to start a new dynasty with The One’s seal of approval? Or will Chicago follow the national trend of the past 21 months and run screaming from an Obama proxy? Go get ’em, Tommy Dart! Click the image to watch.